Kukimbia, a journey through Kenyan running culture

All over the world, Kenya is known for its runners. Kukimbia (Swahili for 'running') is a short film about running culture and is a strong message to the world about the challenges, struggles but first and foremost the beauty and perseverance of Kenyan running.

The film is produced by two young documentary makers Spencer MacDonald and Eva Verbeeck: “In March of 2016, we traveled to the highlands of the Kenyan Rift Valley to film and photograph the running culture. We stayed in the family homes of some of these athletes and documented their daily lives as they prepared for international competition.”

Through its branch Personae, Golazo represents athletic talent from all over the world. Currently, Personae works with 100 athletes, of which some belong to the top of Track & Field. Personae recruits young talented athletes and guides them in their career, ranging from local athletes to international top athletes on the track and/or the road.


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